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Theologos village name is first referenced in 1827 during the Byzantine years. The name comes from a monastery dedicated to Ioannis, one of Jesus Christ first students located in today’s cemetery in the north part of the village.

As a settlement it was established during the Ottoman Empire in 1591. Due to piracy, many locals from Astris, Koinyra, Alyki and Thimonia - places which exist today under the same name, looked for a shelter up in the mountain. Greeks and Turks used to live in two different neighbourhoods. Archaggelos church known as Metohi was the border between these two neighbourhoods.

Theologos has two main churches: St.Dimitrius, which was built in 1803 and St.Paraskevi in 1843. Upon their construction, the road connecting them became the central street of the village as it seen today.

From the second half of the 17th century onwards Theologos is the largest village on the island of Thassos. Until the mid of the 19th century Theologos was island’s capital and its political and administrative centre as well. In 2004 Theologos became part of the five historic sites of Greece.