COVID-19 safety precautions





Elaion Terra Boutique Guesthouse commitment towards pleasant, memorable and safe traveling lead us to a full response related to COVID - 19.


We take standards for hygiene and cleanness quite seriously at all times. As we experience a global pandemic which directly effects travelling we feel quite responsible towards our customers who do wish to travel this season.


Our procedures towards our high cleaning standards along with our health and safety measure include:


  1. A) Hand Hygiene: Proper and frequent hand washing is vital to avoid spread of the virus. We have placed antiseptic hand gels in all common places of our guesthouse (entrance / garden ) as in every of our five double rooms.


  1. B) Public Places: As a small size family owned and operated business we feel that now is the time for our significant advantage. We operate 5 double rooms and breakfast is served in the garden where privacy distance is kept at all times to ensure our guests relaxation. In COVID - 19 times where safety distance is a must have our small scale of operation and personalised service ensures that.


  1. C) Guest Rooms: All surfaces are properly disinfected using steam cleaning units. Particular attention is paid to high touch surfaces such as, light switches, door handles, cabinet handles, bathrooms, room keys, remote controls. Air conditioning runs autonomously in every room ensuring that air circulation effects each one room and only. We also make sure that each and every room is properly ventilated between every check in / check out and during daily cleaning service as well. This is why we have implied different check in (11:00) and check out (15:00) times for this season.


  1. D) Food Hygiene: This year in order to ensure the minimum exposure of food during the morning buffet we decided to serve breakfast independently in every table out of the five located in our garden. In this way we ensure that you won’t miss the taste and the pleasure of the homemade greek breakfast by ensuring the highest standards at the same time.



We are doing everything we can to provide safe and enjoyable staying experience in our Boutique Guesthouse. Thank you for your understanding. We are really looking forward to welcoming you and hosting you this summer,


The “Elaion Terra Boutique Guesthouse” team.