Thassos Island

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Thassos Island

Thassos island is located in the North Aegean sea and is known as the emerald island due its dense forest covering most of the island. Following the ring road of the island you will be offered breathtaking views to the endless blue of the North Aegean. Along your way you will see picturesque villages with stone houses and slate tile roofing built up in the mountains due to local fears of piracy between the 10th to 16th centuries AD.

Be surrounded by olive trees, an ancient tree with ancestry symbolically related to the Gods and Olympic Games and island’s emblem.

Sandy beaches invite you for a revitalising dive into their crystal clear turquoise blue waters. Enjoy the local cuisine with fresh fish and the island’s local meat and produce.

Thassos owes its name to the Phoenician king Anigoras who according to mythology reached the island while searching for his sister Europa who had been abducted by Zeus. It was the Parians who first inhabit the island in 7th century BC. Throughout the centuries the island has been conquered by Romans, Byzantines and Ottoman Turks. All of them left their mark visible to nowadays due to numerous temples, theatres, sanctuaries which can be found dotted in the island while their tracks have been lost in the centuries. All made out of fine white Thassian marble, the island’s first exporting material and base for many sculptures in ancient Greece.

Experience exploring nature’s touch and relax whilst experiencing the history of the island of Thassos!