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Thassos Experience

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A unique opportunity to experience the island, its history, its secluded beaches and sail while enjoy authentic Greek cuisine prepared onboard with locally sourced ingredients.

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While staying in Theologos you can try the Stone Bridge Mountain Bikking road which is 12km long. You can start from the Intellectual Center of Theologos pass from the old stone bridge, which constitutes a historical monument from the Ottoman period, and through a road full of pine trees while checking Theologos village in a distance you will finish in the old water mill in the north edge of the village.

Starting from Theologos walk all way up to Ipsarion mountain (1,206m), island's highest mountain offering panoramic view to the island. On your way up you will pass through one of Europe's few black pine trees forest.


Horse ride with your friends or family through Theologos village and discover old stone houses, some of them date back to 1591 when the island was first established during the Ottoman Empire. Wander among houses with slate tile roofing, narrow streets made of stone offering great views to the fully covered by pine trees mountains at both sides of the village.


Explore the beauties of our deep green island. Start from Theologos and make your first stop in Kastro, a village with no population but with a history of 600 years. Continue with a visit to the chapel of Prophet Ilias and Apostoloi waterfalls where you will find yourselves surrounded by enormous plane trees. Last stop in Ipsarion, island's highest pick observing Samothrace and Lemnos island, Kavala and Mt.Athos in a distance.